Task Force

Management of crises and business opportunities

RealizE sudden business opportunities.
Successfully master crises.

Whether a crisis or a short-term business opportunity; when immediate, competent action is called for and standard in-house project management is no longer adequate for the requirements, R&K Technologies helps with comprehensive task force management. 

We analyse weak points and potential quickly, define suitable measures and control their consistent implementation. We set up tailored task force groups on site that develop and enable a quick and prompt solution to your problem or opportunity. By unburdening the company management, we ensure that a problem in a single area does not become a problem for the entire company.


With an extensive service offering, from ad hoc analysis to the controlling of the task force team, we make it possible for your company to supplement project management capabilities and capacities ad hoc and to react promptly to changed requirements.

  • Ad hoc analysis

    We get and create an overview of the actual situation and identify causes of error and solution potential.

  • Strategy development

    Together with you, we define all the necessary target specifications, as well as the appropriate measures and processes

  • Project control

    We assume responsibility for setting up project teams and for the selection of the appropriate partners and tools.

  • Interim management implementation

    One of our task force-proven interim managers ensures smooth project management.

  • Management reporting

    Thanks to our continuous reporting, we guarantee overview and control in all project phases.

Service types


Ad hoc analysis


Whether chance or entrepreneurial challenge, we analyse all relevant products, processes and systems (e.g. problem analysis, stakeholder analysis, etc.) within the shortest time possible. We analyze the actual situation, identify the solution potentials, define the needed resources and competences and coordinate necessary immediate measures – and, if necessary, short term band-aids:

  • Short term
  • Cross-branch
  • Cross-hierarchy
Strategy development


After stopping the bleeding or keeping the option on an opportunity by the immediate ad-hoc measures, R&K Technologies sets up the strategy to follow through on your specific topic either in the form of a task force or within the regular project management. By defining clear project goals and areas of responsibility, pointing out comprehensible decision-making channels, organizing needed competences and taking care of efficient reporting we make sure your issue is lastingly fixed. 

Project control


Team management
We assume responsibility on your behalf for the setting up of high-performance project teams that are optimally tailored to the requirements of your project. In the process, we can combine our experiences at the management and technology level.  

Technology management
For the selection of suitable technologies and project tools, as well as their incorporation into existing structures, we have access to extensive engineering know-how and many years of experience in the field of product and process optimisation.  

Partner management
We combine extensive industry expertise with a large network of technology partners. Thus, in addition to your existing resources, we can find targeted key partners for providing solutions for your tasks as quickly as possible, with an additional fresh look complementing, backing up and sparring your own competent resources. 

Management reporting


Through regular and efficient reporting to your (executive) management, we ensure that you always have access to all relevant information and that you are in control all the time.  



Profound industry experience

The task force team of R&K Technologies comes equipped with extensive practical know-how from the segments of special engineering, nanotechnology, telecommunications, microelectronics or consumer electronics.

Personnel expertise

For us, personnel competence is one of the most important building blocks for the successful completion of your project. We always find the right minds for the individual composition of effective project and management teams that are dedicated to passionately and competently achieving all goals of our customers, wether it is about your own or external contributors.

New perspectives

We are independent of internal company hierarchies and patterns of behaviour. Thus, in addition to know-how across companies and industries, we can also successfully contribute new perspectives. 

Partner network

R&K Technologies has a proven network of selected technology partners and management experts. We can thus quickly and competently assist our customers with problems specific to the industry. 

Rapid success

Thanks to our expertise and high-performance partners, we can bundle extensive competences into effective teams in the shortest time possible, and thus work especially quickly and effectively from the analysis to realisation.

Reference project 

Task force management for a manufacturer in special engineering

Error analysis, technology consultation and interim management for a medium-sized manufacturer in special engineering for semiconductors. R&K Technologies helps to quickly identify root causes and set up corrective actions, thus avoiding penalties and the loss of an important customer. 

A medium-sized manufacturer in the special engineering segment receives an order from an existing customer in the semiconductor industry. Shortly prior to the planned delivery of many machines (the customer is already working successfully with older models of this system type), it is determined that the new machines fail to deliver the desired process results, also guaranteed to the customer.

High penalty payments and significant harm to their reputation are anticipated due to the expected delivery delay. The customer itself has also entered into delivery obligations, for which the new machines are required.

The first of the solutions formulated by the company project team have already failed, which is why there is now only limited confidence in the suggestions for solutions offered by the customer company itself. Due to the importance for production at the customer, the issue is in the meantime at the highest level of escalation in the customer company’s executive management.

  • Very quick analysis of the problem
  • Identification and provision of necessary resources from the network for further analysis and the formulation of a solution
  • Creation of a plan for finding a problem solution
  • Calm and systematic processing
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Controlling of the task force team. Comprehensive communication with the executive management of the company and its customers

R&K Technologies is initially contracted to support the existing team in finding a solution. Shortly after our experts have proven their competence here, the complete task force management is transferred to R&K Technologies with the following requirements:

  1. Analysis: 
    R&K very quickly acquires an overview of the history of the project, the technology on which it is based and the presumed causes within the company and at the customer. In particular, the differences between old and new systems are the basis of the analysis.

    A component that has been replaced as obsolete and is otherwise not used within the company is identified as the cause. The consequences of the replacement were not correctly judged, because the employees with the know-how from developing the system have left the company in the meantime and now there is no appropriate competence existent in the project team..
  2. Measures: 
  • R&K Technologies identifies additional persons with the necessary competence in the company within a very short time.
  • Following the deployment of additional experts from its own network, a customised task force team is set up.
  • The availability of the required resources is ensured and an action-plan for finding a solution is set up.
  • This plan is quickly and systematically implemented, with comprehensive reporting to the executive management of both companies (that of the R&K customer and those of its customers’ customer) at very short intervals. 

The problem in question was securely and sustainably solved.

The effects on the delivery delay of the end customer could be minimised so that no penalty payments were ultimately due. The customer relationship was restored and strengthened.

Another variant introduced by R&K played an important role here: an additional production system which was not in use at a different place could be converted to the process and be used for the rapid processing of the accumulated delay.

After completion of the project, the commitment, the solution competence and the communication of the task force team was expressly praised by the customer.