Industry experience


We have been active for years on behalf of high-tech companies from the special engineering, nanotechnology, telecommunications, microelectronics and consumer electronics segments. Our strengths particularly include specific work at the interfaces between these areas.

In the process, we combine our experience with comprehensive technology know-how and a highly specialised network of experts. We also have exceptional contacts with high-tech companies and potential partners at all hierarchy levels.

Industry competence


Special machines are developed and designed in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer, mostly based on existing platforms or modular building sets. As a strategy consulting company with implementation competence in the engineering segment, we have many years of experience in special engineering and systems design and support system manufacturers and operators with sustainably increasing their competitiveness.

Whether the new development of technical products or the optimisation of processes, we find customised solutions, ensure growth and improve your profitability.


Nanotechnology is among the most innovative fields in science and still has great potential for the future.
With forecasted growth of more than 25 %, nanotechnology is an important provider of impulses for the high-tech industry.
R&K Technologies has been supporting nanotechnology companies from various segments related to nanotechnology with consulting and engineering services for years. Especially in the fields electronics, microelectronics and optical industry, we possess well-founded industry know-how and have outstanding contacts to users and developers in the entire field of nanotechnology.


Microelectronics is a key technology for innovation in many industry segments. These include consumer products, medical technology and electromobility, or communications modules for the digitalisation of all areas of society and the economy.
R&K technologies possesses many years of experience in advising companies from the microelectronics industry. We have deep industry knowledge and know about the state of the art research in individual special areas. We can thus offer companies valuable support, from the estimation of potential through product development to market implementation. In this context you can benefit from several of our special competences and our broad network in the field of optics and particle optics components and systems, precision mechanics and chip manufacturing.


The telecommunications industry is characterised by a high degree of pressure for innovation. The market is characterised by rapid developments and performance improvements. In order to keep up here, the component sizes or the energy consumption and costs must be lowered.

Many of the significant development leaps take place in the competence areas of R&K, whereby it is mostly the bringing together of various technical areas that is of the essence. R&K supports telecommunications companies in maintaining their roadmaps, formulates the necessary technical solutions and establishes suitable structures.
We have extensive expertise in the areas of special engineering, nanotechnology, microelectronics and consumer electronics and have occupied ourselves intensively with the economic and technical challenges of the industry for years. We are not only familiar with the competition, but also with the specific features of the various target groups. We can thus develop practicable and individual solutions for customers in these areas.


The consumer electronics industry is one of the most dynamic market environments. Ever shorter product and innovation cycles, as well as increasing price pressure are among the challenges in the entertainment electronics industry, as are the digital transformation, increasing customer requirements and changing consumer behaviour. Only those companies can survive in this market that recognise the necessity for change and add the right competences, technologies, components and products to their portfolio at an early date.

R&K Technologies has supported companies from the consumer electronics segment for years. Here, we profit from our unique combination of extensive industry knowledge and functional expertise from successful projects. We support companies along the entire value creation chain, starting with the development of strategy, setting up for implementation and continuing from the generation of the concept through preliminary development to the market-ready development of new products. With the proven combination of know-how in strategy and realisation, we help our customers to face the challenges of the market proactively and successfully utilise chances.