Growth consulting & management 


In our STARTUP product, we bundle our technology expertise and our competences in the establishing of internal start-ups and enable our customers to quickly and successfully realise their growth projects. No matter if it’s about the development of an innovative new product or the opening of new business areas. 

In the process, we are at the side of our customers with advice in all phases of the project and, where necessary, also take on management tasks ranging from team building and initial organisation to product development and project management of subtasks.


We are familiar with the basic conditions in the high-tech area, as well as with the requirements of medium-sized and large companies. Together with your team and our network, we realise your projects with the power and motivation of a start-up. 

  • START-UP analysis

    We analyse the basic conditions and potential of your project.

  • START-UP strategy

    We define the strategic framework and the objectives for all necessary measures.

  • START-UP control

    We ensure optimal team, partner and technology management.

  • Interim management

    We take control of the quick and smooth implementation of all measures.

Service types


START-UP analysis


First, we carry out an evaluation of the current situation inside your company and the market environment and define the requirements and basic conditions for the successful execution of your start-up project.

START-UP strategy


We define sensible project goals, define the necessary measures and, especially important, create the right strategic framework and partnering strategy for their execution. 

START-UP control


Team management
When assembling suitable project teams, we identify the appropriate experts in the company and call upon external specialists from our partner network when needed. Depending upon the project, we define the optimal organisation structure and ensure the smooth integration or outsourcing of the teams.

Partner management
Thanks to many years of industry experience and an extensive network, we almost always are able to help you find the appropriate additional partners. We also assume responsibility for the individual shaping of contracts with partners and guide their successful incorporation into the existing organisation structures.

Technology management
We also work with experts from our network, who bring extraordinary technology expertise and profound industry experience with them. Thus, we can always select the optimal technologies for your project and incorporate them appropriately.

Interim management


One of our strengths is to also temporarily occupy a management role in your project. This is often the case in the start phase of projects, when processes and structures are still unclear or when managing employees still need to be found. We are happy in such situations to assume a role of interim management of the entire project or of a sub-area of critical importance for success. We are also able to develop complete sub-aspects or -systems under our own direction and set up the corresponding supply chains for you. 




The quick set-up and reliable control of effective and successful teams in the high-tech area have been among the core competences of R&K Technologies for years.

Established network

We have an extensive network of technology partners in the fields of microelectronics, optics, particle optics, precision mechanics and automation.


Our engineering competence, the know-how of our partners and our experience in generating innovation make us a preferred consultation partner for high-tech companies.

New perspectives

Independently of hierarchies and organisation structures, we can review existing processes and action patterns without being tied to it and incorporate unexpected, new perspectives into your project.

Reference project 

Setting up of a department and development of a product for a large volume manufacturer

Technology development for a large corporation in the field of telecommunications/entertainment electronics. R&K Technologies creates the strategy, assumes responsibility for assembling the team and heads the development of an innovative system technology for the manufacture of novel communications modules

A major Asian corporation from the telecommunications/entertainment electronics segment sees a roadmap for the development of telecommunications modules endangered. In order to remain competitive regarding speed, energy consumption and design dimensions, a new basis technology is required. 

However, the system technology required for a critical manufacturing process of the modules is not yet available on the market.

R&K Technologies is initially commissioned to develop a strategic concept for the provision of a customised system technology, which will also enable the support of future technology nodes in the foreseeable future, taking the existing strategic aspects into account and with minimal investment. 

The task definition thereby encompasses both the selection of the necessary basis technologies and the development of the strategy for the business model, as well as the realisation of the project. In particular, the concept is to be laid out in such a way that the developed technologies are not accessible to the competition, because the planned further development represents a significant competitive advantage.

Following the successful first step, R&K Technologies is then commissioned with the realisation of the concept in a very narrow period.

  1. R&K Technologies formulates various concepts for the realisation of the requirements, for example, the gaining of competence through the purchase of equipment companies with similar existing technology, complete development at the suppliers, complete internal development, as well as various hybrid concepts. 
  2. Deployed for purposes of implementation is the hybrid concept favoured by R&K, consisting of a close development partnership with several equipment partners and the setting up of a small, highly competent team for the development of the critically missing functions at the customer.
  3. R&K assumes responsibility for interim management and the setting up of the ultimately 20-member team, including integration into the existing organisation of the corporation. We also head the activities for the provision of the necessary infrastructure, incl. clean room, as well as providing support with the establishing of the critical development partnerships.
  4. We head the development of the first systems and formulate a possible technology roadmap for the first steps, as well as for difficulties to be mastered in the future.
  5. In the course of the project, we are also commissioned with the business development and are responsible for the expansion of the task area and the development of future areas of activity.

The project is concluded successfully, and R&K Technologies ensures the protection by patent of the developed solutions. The manufacturability of the technology is documented, and the first machines are incorporated into the production process. 

The assembled team is in the meantime established and is also deployed under the leadership of a full-time team manager as a development service provider for other product groups/technologies within the corporation.