Generate. Accelerate. Innovate.

Management consulting for high-tech companies.

Generate. Accelerate. Innovate.

We create new value in every start-up situation.

Generate. Accelerate. Innovate.

Execution is our strength.

Generate. Accelerate. Innovate.

Conquering new ground is familiar to us.

R&K Technologies management consultancy

We are consultants with engineering expertise

R&K Technologies is a management consulting company for challenges in an high-tech environment. We are specializing in the conceptualisation, build-up and go-to-market of internal start-ups.

Would you like to develop a new product or launch it on the market, establish a new business area, start a task force or an improvement initiative and see quick and sustained success? We are specialists for internal start-up situations and score high especially with the successful realisation and execution of our concepts.

We are familiar with the basic conditions of large companies and those of medium-sized companies. We generate start-up spirit for your project. We create the right framework and find the appropriate business models. Extensive experience and well-founded know-how in the areas of precision special engineering, optics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, microelectronics and consumer electronics, as well as a large network of experts make it possible for us to quickly and accurately assess, conceptualise and realise projects.

Thanks to this unique combination of start-up mentality, consulting competence and engineering expertise, we are your reliable partner in „start-up situations“, both with technological and strategic challenges.

Application areas of R&K Technologies


We support high-tech companies from the special engineering, nanotechnology, telecommunications, microelectronics and consumer electronics industries with a combination of consulting, management and engineering services.

Task force

We solve short-term challenges and bridge bottlenecks.



Problems of critical importance for companies can bind immense capacities, which are then absent for the processing of other themes and projects. Therefore we support our clients in reacting quickly, flexibly and successfully to special situations – from quick involvement in short-term business opportunities to mastering technical or organisational challenges.


We found your internal start-up and make it successful.



An internal start-up resembles a „real” start-up in many ways, but much is, whether intentional or not, completely different. We are familiar with the basic conditions of this situation from our own experience and help our customers reliably with the setting up and starting of successful, highly motivated and efficient teams, departments, project organisations and company divisions.


Together with our team, we formulate practicable ideas and provide you with support through the turnkey development of sub-components or processes.



Innovations often fail in medium-sized and large companies because they are not recognised and are not equipped with the framework appropriate for realisation. We have the fresh and clear, external perspective and master the tailored methods for quickly sketching and finding the right framework for these together with your team. At the same time, we have the experience and know-how for their swift and market-oriented realisation.


We accelerate your processes through simplification and a clear overview.



We are familiar with bad and good organisational changes from our own experience – both as the responsible entity and from being affected by them. We can therefore reliably and especially rapidly estimate the chances for success of individual strategies and in this way reduce expenditures and effort. Our highly entrepreneurial and generally agile methodology is based on the creation of a clear focus and clear responsibilities. We always establish or help you establishing simplicity and a clear overview – not only in the organisation chart.

Consulting & engineering competences


As a global management consulting company with a focus on Germany, the USA and China, we take care of national and international customers from analysis and strategy development to execution.


Execution-focused strategy and management consulting is our key core competence, especially in situations in which a technological or strategic „restart“ is necessary.


We develop tailored concepts for the individual „start“ situation of your company both on the strategic and on the execution and tactical level.

Interim management

A strategy is only as good as its implementation. Which is why „we roll up our own sleeves”, where necessary and support you with interim management in executing projects.

Innovation management

We understand innovation as the art of developing executable ideas with clear value-add. We support and guide you from the idea through product development to the generation of sales with the finished product.

Contract development

If you lack necessary expertise for your startup topic or are simply limited by bandwidth, we assume responsibility for the „turnkey” development and realisation of components and sub-components, also as paid-for development.

Networking partner management

Our efficient and specialised partner network guarantees the smooth integration of experts into your internal processes, and thus quick and successful realisation of the project.

„Our strength lies very clearly in generating successful concepts and in the quick, targeted execution of new projects. We are familiar with the products and processes in our core competence area from many years of experience and can often create significant additional value through seemingly minor changes or ‘add-ons’.”

Dr. Rainer Knippelmeyer, Managing Director

Our customers profit in every respect


Many years of industry experience

Whether special engineering, optics and particle optics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, microelectronics or consumer electronics, we know the laws of the respective industry and know exactly what is important in the end.

High technology competence

As we also develop components and sub-components ourselves, we are not only familiar with the technologies of our customers, but also consider it self-explanatory to set new standards for their further development.

Personal customer support

We attach great importance to the individual support of our customers in a spirit of partnership, with a personal contact for all tasks, who can always be reliably reached when it is important.

Extraordinary personnel expertise

The composition of successful teams is for us one of the indispensable foundations of our work. When making individual personnel choices, we find the best characters and the right combination for our customers.

High management competence

We work with experienced leadership personalities who assume direct operative responsibility and quickly and successfully solve strategic and executive tasks.

Holistic project support

An idea is only as good as its implementation. We therefore combine strategy, process and organisation consulting under one roof and therefore ensure the optimal implementation of our concepts.